• Structural Demolition
    Complete removal of single to multi-story structures. Over 100 years of combined management experience to handle any structural demo project regardless of variables. Every structural demolition project is unique and requires a skilled firm to successfully manage every aspect of the removal. In addition, Melching has the ability to perform separations of various structures while leaving portions of a structure intact.
  • Selective Demolition
    Sometimes referred to as “strip out” removal of part or all of non-structural portions of a building. We have crews specialized in this type of service. If necessary Melching can install temporary shoring to support walls or floors. Management of a selective demolition is critical and normally requires the ability to reverse engineer a specific structure to carefully preserve specific items.
  • Controlled Demolition
    The use of explosives to bring down structures including but not limited to buildings, bridges, smokestacks, ​and towers. This method requires the specific placement of charges to create the successful implosion of a structure. The design of a structure dictates variables like the timing of detonation and sizes of explosives used.
  • Environmental Remediation
    Melching maintains a staff of state-licensed asbestos inspectors. We offer analytical services including inspection and sampling. With over 75% of demo projects containing asbestos abatement, it remains key to provide the most comprehensive in-house remedial services. Our staff of highly trained abatement workers remove ALL types of asbestos on a daily basis. Other environmental services include air monitoring, hazardous waste removal, refrigerant recovery, contaminated soil removal, lead abatement and UST removal.
  • Dismantling
    Melching provides customers with unique and methodical tear down options. This service allows the customer to maintain a particular asset so that it may be reassembled at a later date. We have the ability to systematically remove components from any asset that may require care. Rigging and crane services are available to assist with these types of services.
  • Recycling
    Melching strives to be good stewards of the planet earth. The collection of various recyclable materials is part of our everyday job. Melching recycles thousands of tons of scrap metal. When possible other types of material are recycled including paper and plastics. Melching operates a fleet of portable aggregate crushing equipment. Crushing materials on site are both economically and environmentally friendly. Melching also recovers lumber and other items fit for use as reclaimed building materials. This process helps to keep tonnage out of landfills and preserve mother nature. Large-scale repurposing takes a special niche and we have a staff to handle this aspect.
  • Asset Recovery
    Melching partners with clients to provide maximum revenue recovery for idle or surplus assets. Management of this process is complex as it requires specialized care. Our team has the ability to handle surplus equipment from any market segment.
  • Plant Decommissioning
    If you require a more complex approach our Plant Decommissioning services may fit your needs. Our experts have a thorough understanding of this in-depth procedure. We employ over 40 fulltime employees and have a large fleet of processing equipment, trucks, and trailers. In today’s business climate it is important to recover the maximum amount as a plant is nearing the “wind down” phase. When there is a need for consolidation of an entity then partnering with Melching is a win for your firm. At no cost, we will visit your facility and help devise a plan for peak recovery. We are able to provide higher yields for marketable assets since we sell direct to buyers. Our industry contacts enable us to match your equipment to buyers with no involvement from an intermediary firm. Melching is your turnkey partner for plant decommissioning.

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