• Residential Demolition – Stevensville, Mi
    This project was the removal of a 5000 sq. ft. house demoed in Stevensville Michigan. This residential home was on the verge of falling into the lake as it sat on a diminishing shore. Melching had been contracted to demolish this home to avoid the debris from falling into the fresh water lake it sat on the shore of. With great planning and precise execution the project was a residential demolition success for all involved.
  • Muskegon Land Bank
    Over the past year, Melching has demolished more than 250 residential homes throughout the greater Muskegon area and Michigan. Melching has been part of the Muskegon Land Bank Project (HUDD), other municipalities and single homeowners to provide them with the services they need to enhance the community. The Muskegon Land Bank project was broken out into phases over a small period of time resulting in sales over $1,000,000.

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