The Policy of Melching Inc. is to provide a safe and healthy workplace, free from recognizable hazards for all of our employees. It is also the policy of Melching Inc. to comply with federal, state, and local regulations governing construction safety and health in the execution of our program.

In support of these policies, Melching Inc will use its resources to complete our projects with a primary concern for safety and health. We will focus our safety efforts on preventing recognizable hazards, including unsafe acts and unsafe conditions which are the primary cause of accidents, injuries, illnesses, fatalities and property damage.

Melching Inc. also develops a site health and safety plan specific to every project.

We will pursue these commitments in the following ways:

  • Employee safety and health training
  • Regular and frequent safety inspections
  • Maintaining an EMR rating of less than 1
  • Safety enforcement
  • Accident Investigations
  • 44,000 consecutive hours without lost time incidents
  • 150 completed projects without lost time incidents

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