Institutional & Municipal

Mercy Center Hospital

Melching was contracted for the city of Benton Harbor to demolish the abandoned Mercy Center Hospital. The building was 2 to 4 stories high with a total square footage of over 160,000. The project involved abatement and building demolition including the basement and foundation. Project scope also included toppling a brick smokestack of over 100 […]

Mount Pleasant Hospital

Melching was contracted for the City of Mount Pleasant to demolish the Mount Pleasant Center consisting of over 20 buildings, a water tower, underground tunnels, sidewalks, parking areas, and site work. Total building square footage was over 300,000, and total site work was over 25 acres. The work included asbestos abatement, demolition of complete structures […]

Gerald Ford Job Corps

Selective demolition and asbestos abatement of an occupied facility for the US Department of Labor. The project consisted of over $1,000,000 worth of asbestos abatement.


Morton Salt

Project Type: Chemical Melching Inc. demolished several structures for Morton Salt at their Manistee facility, helping them clean up their site and remove unnecessary processes. The total value of this project was $600,000 including demolition and asbestos abatement.

Sun Chemical

Project Type: Chemical Demolition and environmental cleanup of 30 acres of a former Chemical Plant. Multiple buildings were completely decontaminated prior to demolition to ensure the safety and health for the community’s protection. The total demolition of all buildings, environmental and asbestos abatement cost for this project was $3,000,000.

General Chemical

Project Type: Chemical Complete demolition and asbestos abatement of over 300,000 ft² of building, followed by the environmental site cleanup of the former chemical plant property.


Consumers Energy

Melching Inc. performed demolition and asbestos abatement of three separate substations for consumers energy. The work for the demolition exceeded $400,000 and for the asbestos abatement over $100,000.

Sappi Paper Mill

1.2 mil sq. ft. of property consisting of a Paper Mill and Power Plant for a complete demolition. The project has a cost in excess of $10,000,000 in demolition for all buildings, foundations and tanks along with an additional cost of $2,000,000 in asbestos abatement and remediation of the property. Concrete removed from buildings and […]



Melching Inc. demolished an 80,000 square feet obsolete facility in Muskegon Heights. This project involved complete asbestos abatement and demolition, including foundation removal. Once the demolition was completed the site was restored with vegetation.


Complete demolition and asbestos abatement of a former Brunswick Manufacturing Facility in Muskegon consisting of 250,000 ft2 of building. The foundations were removed and all concrete was crushed on site to be recycled.


Muskegon Land Bank

Project Type: Residential Over the past year, Melching has demolished more than 250 residential homes throughout the greater Muskegon area and Michigan. Melching has been part of the Muskegon Land Bank Project (HUDD), other municipalities and single homeowners to provide them with the services they need to enhance the community. The Muskegon Land Bank project […]

Residential Demolition in Southern Michigan

Residential Demolition in Stevensville Michigan

Project Type: Residential This project entailed the removal of a 5000 sq. ft. house demoed in Stevensville Michigan. This residential home on Pines Path teetered on the verge of falling into the lake as it sat on a diminishing shore. The Melching team was contracted to demolish this home to avoid the debris from falling […]

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